Chiquita Strong

Write the Vision, Make it Plain..."

For as long as I can remember I have been creating, organizing, facilitating, and developing strategies. Once I truly understood my gift as a VISIONARY, I understood that it was time to put in the work so that I could fulfill my PURPOSE. In 2012 during what seemed to be a season of drought did I created over eight businesses. Truth is I didn't have a plan or the financials to just  start anything ... I just wrote over eight hours a day for months.  I couldn't explain to anyone what I was doing because it "wouldn't make sense to them."  The notebooks I had filled were misplaced a year later and I simply rewrote all the plans from memory. In 2014 I decided to just step out FEARLESSLY  and full of FAITH and I have never looked back. 

Dreamchasers ... its not just catchy slogan.

It's about the work you put in to make your dreams REALITY.  I am on this journey walking in my PURPOSE , making a positive impact within my community and as a single parent its my responsibility that they understand they can achieve anything that they want to.  Just make the plan and put in the work.

Chiquita Strong, Business Boutique

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Strong Private Investigations

Strong Private Investigations


Strong Private Investigations

Strong Private Investigations

Strong Private Investigations


Chiquita Strong, The Agency

Strong Private Investigations

Chiquita Strong, The Agency



So many times I'm asked why...

Why do you work so hard?

Why do you do multiple things?

Why are you at all the kids events?

Why do you aspire to do more?

Why do you always smile?

It's simple...  I have generational curses to end. 

I was not supposed to make it his far, be this smart, or innovative...

But, I survived through everything that was meant to kill or destroy me and my spirit.

I am going after everything that is for ME.

and MINE.

We are creating the LEGACY!